Month: February 2017

Immigration and Domestic Violence

Trump’s new executive action has swept the country causing many people to be put in distressing positions. The Trump administration’s executive order for a temporary travel ban on immigrants not only contributes to the false stereotypes but has caused mass pain and fear for people all around the world. Immigration rights and issues have been a longstanding battle within the government. Abuse is often exerted through power and control due to victim’s immigration status. Becky’s Fund, The National Domestic Violence Hotline, and many other allies of victims of domestic violence recognize the unique issues that immigrants and refugees face when it comes to reporting domestic violence. However, recent policy changes including the travel ban have made reporting abuse increasingly difficult and frightening for immigrant victims.

Trump’s ability to defund sanctuary cities and further punish organizations and cities by withholding money and support affects many immigrants around the country. It is possible that the Trump administration can cut off DOJ programs, domestic violence grants, and violence against women grants. Many immigrant victims find support and safety from programs that the Trump administration has decided to defund.

Immigrants are already suffering emotional trauma from the recent policy changes by the President and his administration. The Muslim ban has affected thousands of Americans and their families. A country that many had once called home and thought they were safe in has become a threat to their education, jobs, and family life. The fight for immigrant abuse victims to have the right to live an abuse-free life has been a mission of ours and many. It is time to support our neighbors and community by taking action keeping up with the current issues that our country faces today.

As Americans, we have the right and access to contact our members of Congress and demand to know what they are doing to oppose the policies that are being issued by the Trump administration. Call or email your state officials as well. You are not limited to members of Congress to educate yourself and get more information. You can contact your governors and mayors and simply ask, “what are you doing to protect our immigrants and refugees that are victims of abuse and of the current ban policy?”

You can also reach out to anyone you know that may be affected by these policies. A neighbor, coworker, friend, or a parent/child from your school. Ask what you can do and let them know they have your support. Similarly, you can also reach out to your local Islamic center or Mosque and ask what support your community can offer. Donating money to nonprofit organizations that work with and support immigrant and refugees in your area or around the world is an amazing way to contribute and take action. Consider supporting organizations such as the ACLU, International Rescue Committee, Council on American Islamic Relations, and even Becky’s Fund. These are just a few of the ways that you can contribute and take action towards this international issue. We must work together to act as a community and slowly create a safer and healthier environment for the members of our communities.