Month: January 2016

Becky’s Fund Welcomes Yesenia


My name is Yesenia Arizmendi; I am a senior at the University of California, Riverside majoring in Sociology. I have ventured into D.C. through the UCDC program, where I get to study in the nation’s capitol and intern for Becky’s Fund. Coming from a predominantly Hispanic community, I gained an early interest in women’s rights, their voices and fair treatment. My interest and curiosity for women’s equal treatment has grown during college. My focus is on gender studies, criminology and family studies. I hope for a better understanding and methods to make changes for the many women whose voices go unheard.
I realized through my previous work with a local police department in Huntington Park, CA how many women are unaware of the help they’re surrounded by. The Hispanic community has a very stereotypical view of law enforcement and is afraid to reach out to other organizations because of fear, shame and embarrassment. Women are raised to honor their families and remain by their husbands’ sides. As my term came to an end with the Detective Bureau of Huntington Park, I realized I wanted to make a change and bring awareness to the Hispanic community about domestic violence.
Becky’s Fund presents an opportunity where I believe I can learn about nonprofit organizations and how they work together to make an impact in their communities. My goal as intern with Becky’s Fund is to learn efficient ways to bring awareness to domestic violence, assist victims and learn how a community can put a stop to such crimes.