Month: January 2014

Find Out About Ti Tran’s Experience At Becky’s Fund!



My time at Becky’s Lee Women’s Support Fund (Becky’s Fund) allowed me to receive an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of domestic violence. One of my favorite aspects of Becky’s Fund is its emphasis on prevention by focusing on education programs. I learned that Becky Lee started the nonprofit organization in 2006 when she noticed the lack of educational programs for today’s youth on domestic violence. This past summer Becky’s Fund worked with over 100 high school male athletes at Friendship Collegiate with its Men of Code (MOC) program. I was honored to be a part of the MOC team as I traveled to and from Friendship Collegiate Academy in helping instruct the young men, plan activities, and even leading a lesson. I acquired leadership skills, communication skills, and computer skills. I could not have asked for a better way to spend my summer. The rapport and interactions I had with the young men and MOC team will stay with me as I plan to work with youth in my career.

In addition to assisting with MOC, I had a chance to work as a domestic violence advocate. As I built rapport with the survivors, Becky Lee would advise me along the way on my role as a survivor’s advocate. I learned that it is important to present resources and information as options rather than demands. While it is important to respect and be there for the survivors, it is more important that I tell her the things she needed to hear with honesty. At the beginning, I struggled with being “too nice.” Over the course of time, I was more professional by detaching myself as her friend and, instead, stated facts and let the survivors make the decisions. By the end of the internship, I learned how to interact with someone vulnerable without sacrificing my work ethic.

The internship with Becky’s Fund has become one of the most valuable ones in my college career. I have seen what Becky Lee has accomplished, motivating me to pursue my passion in criminal justice and to not be intimidated by the hard work or people that will come up along the way.

Because Becky’s Fund has help me in numerous ways, I doubt that my help will end with the internship. I look forward to continuing my support in its mission in ending domestic violence.