Month: September 2016

Becky’s Fund Welcomes Haleluya

My name is Haleluya Demeke. I am currently acting director of a budding non-profit, the Kebede Gebremariam Institute, and studying Business Finance in college.

I was born and raised in Ethiopia: an openly, and often disparagingly, patriarchal society with foreseeably damning results on a young girl’s view of the world and where she fits in. Domestic abuse was not only accepted in family homes—it was commended. Coming from such a skewed environment has debilitated many men and women in my country by setting a twisted norm for “solving” household squabbles. I was one of the thankful few to leave the country, enter the United States, and come to see a different standard of my preconceived “norm.” My migration was the catalyst to understanding what most victims of intimate partner abuse feel, display and hide.

Becky’s Fund is an organization that works towards empowering victims of intimate partner abuse by equipping them with the means necessary to break free from the shackles of their unhealthy relationship. My experiences, growing up, have led me to have unwavering passion towards aiding victims of intimate partner abuse. This is why I am excited to embark on the road to recovery with Becky’s Fund—to ascertain that fewer victims have to feel, display and hide the symptoms of their abuse.