Month: December 2017

Goodbye, Selena!


Selena L. Chaivaranon is honored to have worked as a Programs and Communications intern at Becky’s Fund for the fall semester of 2017.

There are occasions upon which one finds themselves struggling to the surface, to breathe, to walk, to see the beauty of the world in decadent detail. We’ve reached a point of darkness–we’ve all navigated past these points in our dreams, in our waking memories, through the stories that we tell. Searching for meaning, for the reasons, the will to live. The visions are here, slipping through our fingers, shifting in our veins, and we reach–each holding out our hands: empty, or clasped, or chained, or joined together with the warmth and glow of many others in our midst.

Dare to dream. Dare to change. Dare to rise.

We’ve done just that. Throughout the course of this internship, I have been most privileged to have been able to produce artwork and graphic design materials for Becky’s Fund, including the backdrop for the 2017 Walk This Way fashion show, and brochures, signs, magazine advertisements, and social media posts. In addition to assisting with creating and managing promotional materials such as check-in sheets, documentation spread sheets, and updating the organization’s WordPress websites, I encountered various opportunities in which I could hone my existing skills, learn to use new programs, and innovate strategies and solutions in order to see my work all the way through to completion.

I was further able to offer my services researching various statistics related to domestic violence, and compiling data in order to directly aid clients (such as searching for ways to remove key loggers from phone and computer devices). As an artist and a scholar of sociology, it was an honor to put my time and labor to a cause which I truly believe will better humanity, and prevail in helping to create safer, healthier, meaningful, and more just relationships. These past few months were tremendously busy, but fulfilling, momentous, and productive for the organization, and for my own self-development as a person. It fills my heart with warmth and with happiness to have worked with such a wonderful team of dedicated and passionate individuals, and for the chance to push myself and balance a number of different tasks at once.

For sharing with me the most noble of goals, and allowing me to work together with a wonderful organization, dedicated to aiding those in need, the wonderful people who together make up Becky’s Fund have my eternal thanks.

And to all those who have lost sight of the light, to those who need a hand to hold, you never walk alone.

With much love, Selena.

Goodbye, Tomas!



Hello I am Tomas Kurtz and was a Becky’s Fund Program and Development Intern for the fall of 2017. It is hard for me to believe that my internship is coming to a close…time really does fly. First, I want to start and thank Becky Lee and the Becky’s Fund organization, partners and friends for making these past few months so memorable. Also, thank you to the 3 other fall interns – we made quite a good team if I do say so myself.


Before starting this internship I had general interest in nonprofit organizations and this interest has been further cemented from my time at Becky’s Fund. I really got to witness how much work and effort goes into running a nonprofit, but also how much good an organization can do for individuals who might be in tough situations. Becky’s Fund provides an incredible resource to the community and I am thankful for my time as an intern here.


From working with the Men of Code program to preparing for 2017 Walk This Way, and so much else in-between, I can definitely say it’s been a busy few months but that is a good thing. One of my favorite memories from this past fall is when we participated in a spinning fundraiser back in September – that was the longest 45 minutes of my life.


In all, it has been a wonderful past couple of months and I hope to stay connected with Becky’s Fund in the future. Thanks again to Becky for all that you do.

Becky’s Fund welcomes Brandon Harvey


It is nice to meet you – my name is Brandon Harvey. I am highly enthused to be working as an intern with Becky’s Fund this winter. I have recently graduated from Towson University in 2016 with a degree in Art & Design. From my time spent at Towson until now, I have been in pursuit of finding an organization where I may utilize my skills to best provide a pronounced impact in some manner. My most important objective while here is to not only create for such a great purpose, but to effect and bear witness to those that I am ultimately creating for.

I believe assisting with Becky’s Fund will allow me to accomplish this objective in the most direct method possible. After my first introduction, I was excited to learn about the Men of Code program and head to Ballou Senior High School, delving right into the people and environment for which we would be supporting. Joining Becky’s Fund brings forth the chance to directly spark the influence I am looking to make personally within my own community.

I look forward to learning about the nonprofit sector and all it has to offer regarding different areas of social impact. I would like to be competent and aware of what is going on around me socially, so that I may be able to target and communicate these issues to a wider audience. I believe this opportunity in working with Becky’s Fund will allow me to better develop this competence in learning how to support and impact my community in a positive way.

Becky’s Fund Welcomes Tomas

Hello! My name is Tomas Kurtz and I am very excited for the opportunity to intern at Becky’s Fund this fall. I graduated from VCU in May 2017 and majored in Business with a concentration in Marketing. I am originally from Arlington, VA and since graduating from college, have moved back to the area. In my free time I like seeing live music and spending time outside playing sports or going on riding my bike around local trails.

I am interested in joining Becky’s Fund this fall for many reasons. To start, I have general interest in the non-profit sector. During my time at VCU I volunteered with several different organizations in Richmond. Also, one of my favorite classes was Nonprofit Marketing, where I was able to work with a local organization for a semester. These insights and experiences further sparked my interest in non-profits and my desire to pursue non-profit work as a career.

I am inspired by the resource that Becky’s Fund provides the community. I hope to use my Marketing degree for public service and assist people who may be in negative situations. After becoming aware of Becky’s Fund, I applied in hopes to be part of real change and have the opportunity to positively impact people’s lives. I am also excited to learn more about the non-profit sector and further my marketing and communication skills as they relate to this industry. Finally, I am looking forward to learn how to effectively combat domestic violence and provide resources to people who may be subject to these prominent issues.

Sara bids farewell to Becky’s Fund and DC!

My name is Sara Moretti and I am a student at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I came to Washington DC in search of a new adventure, and little did I know, I found an internship that gave me a life-changing experience. From managing the social media accounts for Becky’s Fund, working on Men of Code and Becoming Your Own Heroine programs to participating in social events like 2017 Walk This Way, I have gained so many insights on how a non-profit organization runs. I was able to personally witness how Becky’s Fund positively impacts individuals that seek for help and the constant effort put into spreading awareness on domestic violence.

I find myself extremely thankful for the type of upbringing I have had. I was raised in Italy surrounded by a loving family that shaped me with the strength of valuing my own persona. Being able to learn about domestic violence opened a door into a world for me unknown. I have always been interested and passionate about women’s rights, but it never occurred to me that those rights could be violated directly from someone’s home. I consider my house a sacred space, a safe haven to come back to each night. I can only imagine how violated and lost I would feel if I was teared away from that right.

My time spent at Becky’s Fund is a memory that I will cherish with great affection. From her awesome team to Becky herself, this internship opportunity gave me the possibility to not just learn so much about domestic violence, but also about myself and the people around me. As a compassionate person, I find the need to advocate for human rights, especially for those that do not have a voice. There is so much work to do in order to break the cycle of intimate partner violence that shapes the upbringing of children growing up in that type of environment. These children are the world of our tomorrow and we are the ones to be hold accountable for the outcome of it.

The enormous effort that Becky’s Fund does in order to shine a light on domestic abuse and invest in preventative programs is something that I view with great respect. It was truly a blessing and an honor to have had the possibility to be part of an organization that is driven by passion, but most importantly, by the human heart. Thank you Becky for the work you do! You make the world a safer place.