Month: November 2013

This University in our area ignored 3 harassment and raped victims’ complaints

Rape victim   A group of students are filing a complaint against their university, University of Connecticut, with the U.S Department of Education Civil Rights Office for failing to “adjudicate sexual misconduct properly and failing to stop harassment on campus as required under the federal gender equity law Title IX.” One of the girls filing tells her story of how when she was raped two years the perpetrator was quickly expelled. However, when he appealed two years later, he was readmitted with no warning to the victim. Another of the girls tells how she experienced hate crimes and sexual harassment for a long period. However, she never got the help she requested from the University. According to the article, “University police suggested she keep a low profile and wear a hat on campus.” It appears that a number of the women at this university, and probably many other schools as well, are not satisfied with the measures being taken in cases of sexual harassment and assault. “The Clery complaint could lead to financial penalties levied against the university by the Education Department.” What else can be done to create a more long term change in attitude of universities like this? Brought to you by the Sponsors of 2013 Walk This Way Fundraiser at the Italian Embassy on November 8th, 2013 CLICK HERE for tickets and sponsors Read the rest of this article HERE