Month: July 2017

Goodbye, Amanda!

Amanda Paulino has worked as a dedicated intern for Becky’s Fund since January! We are awed by her motivation and positivity, and will very much miss her here in the office. Read her final reflection below:


My Time at Becky’s Fund

Amanda Paulino

My time at Becky’s Fund – what a wild ride it has been! When I first stepped into our office, all the way back in January, I had no idea that I would leave feeling like a completely different person. I first became interested in the position because I have been interested in women’s rights since I was a little girl, and I wanted to gain the knowledge necessary to make a change in the Dominican Repiublic. To no one’s surprise, I was able to achieve these goals – however, this internship provided me with so much more.

As a Programs and Communications Intern, I was responsible for the Becky’s Fund media accounts and aiding with our domestic violence awareness programs, Becoming Your Own Heroine and Men of Code. I was fortunate enough to arrive at Becky’s Fund at a time that truly allowed me to expand my horizons and gain experience in fields I had never even considered. Thanks to Becky’s Fund, I mastered graphic design, edited websites, and organized and promoted a series of events leading up to our most important event in the first half of the year, a charity gala at the Virginia Gold Cup. I never thought I was capable of doing some of things I achieved in this seven-month period (raising $22,000 in three days comes to mind!), but my internship at Becky’s Fund has opened my eyes to the career choices I could possibly make!

Leaving the District of Columbia is a bittersweet experience for me, but my time at Becky’s Fund allows me to look back with a smile: My time at the organization has made me a more confident, resilient woman, and has proved to me that the paths my life could take are not as straight and narrow as I originally thought. I couldn’t have asked for a better internship experience – I had incredible people by my side, countless tasks to fulfill in all segments of the workforce, and an ever-growing love and knowledge for one of the causes I most fervently believe in: Now that the winds are leading me back to Santo Domingo, I hope to continue the work I began at Becky’s Fund and change the public’s perspective on intimate partner violence. Most importantly, I would like to thank the woman herself, Becky Lee – thank you so much for having faith in me and trusting my work: I sincerely hope that my time at Becky’s Fund made a difference.

Becky’s Fund Welcomes Rachel

Rachel has lived in DC for three years and has been involved with anti-violence movement among vulnerable populations for 10 years. Rachel moved to DC to follow her dreams of pursuing social justice on a national level after graduating from University Of California Berkeley with her bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a concentration in social inequalities. Post graduation  Rachel lived in one of the most economically disadvantaged neighborhoods in her hometown, Fresno, California while interning with the Highway City Community Development organization.. Rachel was able to learn true empathy for communities of color and community engagement through educational activities and community development. After moving to DC  in 2014 , she completed her Yoga Alliance 200 hour teacher training certification and uses yoga to promote awareness and raise funds for trauma related causes. Rachel loves being outside and gardening to promote sustainable social, environmental and community development.

Rachel is excited to use her educational knowledge to help with Men Of Code with two new cohorts in local DC high schools. Rachel also will help expand Becky’s Fund development initiatives. Rachel is excited to use her passions: community development, education, yoga and advocacy to assist Becky’s Fund in multiple facets.

Becky’s Fund Welcomes Anthony

Hi! My name is Anthony Perez and I am really excited to begin working with Becky’s Fund as a new intern. I am from Philadelphia, PA where I study at Drexel University. I am majoring in Global Studies with a concentration in Justice and Human Rights. Outside of school and work, I play the piano and love dancing bachata, salsa and hip-hop.

Ever since I was a kid, I have always had my heart set on working with a non-profit that would be dedicated to helping others whether the issues range from poverty, hunger or violence. Domestic violence and the topic of masculinity really strikes a chord with me since I grew up in a Latino family where traditional, male-dominant values are held. I knew a handful of women who were victims of domestic abuse so I would be more than willing to do what I can to aid others who face similar problems.

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