Month: February 2014

Learn more about Emily Chimiak’s experience at Becky’s Fund

Becky’s Fund has allowed me the opportunity to participate in an organized team that works hard to overcome domestic violence. I have learned from the focused effort of Becky and the other interns here, which is quite inspirational.

I was vaguely aware that some issues must be addressed to perfect my favorite city, but not well researched in the particular problem dealt with at Becky?s Fund. The first week changed this. The Becky’s Fund website, a few news articles and the government reports such as the NISVS 2010 Summary quickly made it apparent that domestic violence was prevalent and that by being aware, I could begin to keep my eyes open for ways to reduce such crime.

I?m very lucky to have the opportunity to work as a graphic artist to make a contribution here. I will take over Taylor’s role, creating web and print media for Becky’s Fund. From these responsibilities, the organization allows me to grow as a graphic artist and also as an informed person.