Month: September 2018

Becky’s Fund Welcomes Emmanuella

Hi! My name is Emmanuella Nyamnjoh. I am from Cameroon and a recent graduate from Ohio University where I received my MA in International Studies with a focus on Africa. Throughout my undergraduate studies, at the University of Cape Town, issues surrounding gender and women empowerment became my passion. Majoring in Gender Studies and Social Development enlightened me and provided a new-found perspective on my identity.

As a woman of color in a society that marginalizes individuals by the color of their skin, I realize that my gender and race place me in a position of double oppression. The same can be said for men of color who constantly have to defend their masculinity and race in every room they walk into. This is one of the reasons why I am interested in the Men of Code program provided by Becky’s Fund which, amongst other things, serves to recreate and empower the masculinity and identity constructions of Black men.

Giving back to the community is important, to me, because this is the only way through which we empower individuals and communities to empower themselves. I am thrilled to intern with Becky’s Fund because of the investment made, through various programs, not only for Black men, but for individuals whose identity is disintegrated by domestic violence. I have so much to learn from this organization and I am eager to do so.

Becky’s Fund Welcomes Kimberly

Hello! My name is Kimberly Downs. I live in the Greater Boston area and have travelled to DC to spend my fall semester interning at Becky’s Fund. I am a senior at Endicott College majoring in Marketing Communications and minoring in Graphic Design. At Endicott, I am highly involved in student activities, previously serving as Chair of our Campus Activities Board and co-Founder of the NARAL Pro-Choice chapter at Endicott.

I have been passionate about women’s rights since I began college. When I hear stories of gender inequality and mistreatment around the world, I cannot help but feel my voice can change that. My motivation lies in female reproductive rights and prevention of domestic violence. Living on a college campus drove my desire to devote my work to organizations like Becky’s Fund, where I hope to make as much of a difference as possible.

I am beyond thrilled to be in DC interning at Becky’s Fund this fall. This opportunity will allow me to immerse myself in my interest while working to make changes. I am specifically excited to educate youth groups of the topic of domestic violence, as I feel this to be one of the most useful tools in making change. I am enthusiastic and eager going into this semester, and am so grateful to be here!