Month: May 2013

See why Kojami supported Becky’s Fund at the 2013 Gold Cup

A special thank you to Kojami for turning our event into a mobile app! The 2013 Gold Cup “Investing in Hope” Fundraiser for Becky’s Fund was a complete success with their support! The event information, pictures and tweets can be found on the Kojami site.

Kojami is a website that transforms any type of event into a mobile app. Use it to share your event with friends and networks. Join conversations and instantly navigate the event venue!
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The event was a success with Kojami’s support! For more photos from the 2013 Gold Cup “Investing in Hope” Fundraiser, please click here or on the photo. 

Read about why Yasmin Fallahkhair joined the Becky’s Fund team!

My name is Yasmin Fallahkhair and I am currently a senior, Government and Politics major at the University of Maryland, College Park. Originally from Potomac, Maryland I have always had an interest in public policy and advocacy. Growing up so close to Washington DC, I knew that I would want to work in the capital to gain experience and understanding of the causes that different organizations are working on and the policies that are being made to address these issues. My goal is to continue my education and receive my masters degree in Public Policy so that I may continue to reach out and provide assistance to those in need.

While interning at Becky’s Fund, I am interested in learning more about domestic violence and the methods of reaching out to help victims of abuse.  Unfortunately, domestic violence is a rising issue in society today, however, due to organizations such as Becky’s Fund more and more women are seeking support and overcoming the abuse they are faced with. As an intern at Becky’s Fund, I am passionate about helping those who are unable to help themselves and look forward to promoting awareness of domestic violence and creating support for victims of abuse.

Read about why the popular Virginia bar Wilson Tavern sponsored Becky’s Fund at Gold Cup on May 4

Wilson Tavern’s generous donation of wine, beer and spirits helped to make the 2013 Gold Cup “Investing in Hope” Fundraiser for Becky’s Fund a complete success. Becky’s Fund thanks the Wilson Tavern for their kindness that made our event amazing.

More about Wilson Tavern:

Wilson Tavern is Arlington’s coolest party bar with a fun atmosphere, great food and an awesome happy hour. The nightly specials are the best in the area. Wilson Tavern was originally Kitty O’Sheas and was bought by a new owner who transformed it into Wilson Tavern. In April 2010, a partner from Wooden Nickel Bar Co. and another local business man bought it as Wilson Tavern, kept the name and transformed the space. Wilson Tavern is very proud to be a neighborhood bar of Court House in Arlington, VA.  Locals write their name on the chalkboard and put a tally after every visit.  After 10 visits they are immortalized with a permanent name plaque on the wall.

One of the owners is a Virginia Tech grad and brought along the infamous Top of The Stairs Rail recipe that Wilson Tavern serves in customized cups.  It has also quickly become a VT game destination for local Hokie alumni.

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The event was a success with Wilson Tavern’s support! For more photos from the 2013 Gold Cup “Investing in Hope” Fundraiser, please click here or on the photo.

See why Taylor Soldner joined the Becky’s Fund team!

My name is Taylor Soldner and I attend the University of Missouri where I am studying strategic communication and business. I am excited to be working with Becky’s Fund this summer because it advocates not only to end domestic violence but also to educate people on the issue. Attending a large university has given me the opportunity to interact with many different types of people. All too often I see and hear violence against women in the way boyfriends interact with their partners, in the way women are treated at parties and in the way people post comments belittling women on social media. Our college campus culture of alcohol and partying exacerbates these issues and in a way, endorses them. We need to educate people, and students especially, that this college culture allows them to think violence is acceptable. It’s very important to start with students because they are the future leaders and decision-makers of our country. If we can educate them effectively, we will be on our way to ending domestic violence. Therefore, Becky’s Fund is the perfect opportunity and experience for me to help educate people on the issue and start the conversation about domestic violence. People do not talk about domestic violence very publicly, so they are able to distance themselves from the issue. I hope to help start the conversation as the communications intern. Also, I am passionate about volunteering and hope to help with the various educational workshops and fundraisers for Becky’s Fund. As a woman, this issue is very close to my heart. I hope to learn more about the issue and what I can do after my experience at Becky’s Fund to help end domestic violence in my community.

Learn about why Giancarlo Serrato joined the Becky’s Fund team!

My name is Giancarlo Serrato, and I will be working this summer as a legal intern with Becky’s Fund. I am originally from Geneva, Switzerland but currently reside in Maryland.

By way of education, I attended high school in Geneva Switzerland, at the Collège Du Léman, and later earned a B.A. in political science from the George Washington University in Washington D.C. I am currently a law student at the Pennsylvania State University, Dickinson School of Law and will be entering my second year in August of 2013.

My interests in interning with Becky’s Fund over the summer are based on my desire to learn about domestic violence law, and develop better advocacy, research and writing skills for my future endeavors as a law student and eventually as a practicing attorney.

I hope Becky’s Fund will offer me the opportunity to explore the legal intricacies of domestic violence law and work on researching and assimilating domestic violence policy on both a micro and macro scale. I want to learn about a new area of law and in that process, apply some of the skills I learnt from my first year at law school. In addition, I want to gain as much real life legal experience as possible. Although law school introduces its students to thinking like lawyers, there is a huge disconnect between theory and practice. I want to be exposed to situations in which I will be required to apply critical legal thinking and reasoning, and work one on one with clients and other parties concerned. Taking part in helping craft practical and effective legal solutions to client problems and policy issues, will be a perfect vehicle by which to help my eventual transition from law student to practicing attorney following law school.

Finally my interest in working with Becky’s Fund is also motivated by its legal activism role in fighting against domestic violence. A lawyer’s duty is not only to protect those that come to him for help, but also to protect and fight for those that are not aware of their rights and cannot easily protect themselves. Working to put the law on the side of domestic violence victims and working on promoting awareness to counter domestic violence from occurring in the first instance is the sort of legal activism that I believe is essential to becoming a true advocate, and something I want to be a part of.

Read about why Sarah Anouilh joined the Becky’s Fund team!

My name is Sarah Anouilh, and I am about to begin my senior year at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I have lived in Arlington, Virginia for most of my life, but have always enjoyed traveling to other countries. Growing up in an Army family at Fort Myer, I was taught to value volunteerism. I am majoring in International Affairs, and I plan to join the Peace Corps after graduating. Eventually, I want to focus my career fully on international development and serve as a Foreign Service Officer. I am interning at Becky’s Fund to learn how domestic violence affects women in the US so that I may apply that knowledge and experience to my service abroad.

Due to my major, I knew that I wanted the experience of interning in Washington, DC as well as with an organization that focuses on an important issue that extends beyond US borders. I want to expand my knowledge of domestic violence and its effects on families through my internship at Becky’s Fund because women’s empowerment is a crucial issue in international development. Women’s education, advocacy, and empowerment are focuses of many non-government organizations that successfully aid victims of domestic violence abroad. By interning at Becky’s Fund, I will gain the experience of working within Washington, DC as well as the opportunity to empower countless women across the United States.

Unfortunately, domestic violence is present both in developed and underdeveloped nations. The United States must place their efforts in ending domestic violence within the US so that they may act as a positive influence to developing countries. I want to work for Becky’s Fund because international development cannot occur without women’s rights. I believe that the US should extend its values of gender equality to areas in which women have little rights or representation. With the experience gained from my internship at Becky’s Fund, I will not only be doing my part to advocate against domestic violence but also learning how to help women in nations whose regimes do not lend them a voice. I believe that by eradicating violence against women in the US, we will be well on our way to ending domestic violence worldwide.

Why did The Mighty Pint, a popular DC sports bar, sponsor Gold Cup?

Becky’s Fund thanks The Mighty Pint for their kind donation of beer, wine and spirits supporting the 2013 Gold Cup “Investing in Hope” Fundraiser for Becky’s Fund. Without their generous support, the fundraiser would not have been as successful and great as it was!

More about The Mighty Pint:

The Might Pint opened May of 2010. It is owned by three men from western Pennsylvania who wanted to bring a touch of Pittsburgh to the District with traditional fare of perogies and signature sandwiches. They also wanted to support the hometown professional teams: the Steelers, the Pirates, and the Penguins, as well as the college of Penn State.

The Mighty Pint is open 365 days a year and prides itself in being a local watering hole for the Dupont area. They also wanted to offer something different, so ALL cocktails and draft beers are served in a 16oz pint glass…hence the “mighty” pint name. Guests can register to win a FREE Happy Hour for themselves and 10+ friends on The Mighty Pint website.

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From left to right: Reese Gardner, Becky Lee, Sam Harper, Mike Knapp, Meredith wells, and Jordan Bickel. Reese, Sam and Mike are owners of Irish Whiskey and Mighty Pint. For more photos from the 2013 Gold Cup “Investing in Hope” Fundraiser, please click here or on the photo.

See why the popular DC bar Irish Whiskey sponsored Becky’s Fund at Gold Cup on May 4

Without the generous donation of beer, wine and spirits from the Irish Whiskey Public House, the 2013 Gold Cup “Investing in Hope” Fundraiser for Becky’s Fund would not have been as great and successful as it was! Becky’s Fund thanks Irish Whiskey, the VIP tent sponsor, for their amazing support. More about Irish Whiskey: Reinventing the concept of a traditional Irish Pub by incorporating a modern flare, the Wooden Nickel Bar Company opened Irish Whiskey Public House with a mission to capture the essence of a traditional Irish public house while adding creative and progressive elements. Irish Whiskey brings the nation”s capital a three-floor cosmopolitan public house featuring an exciting and distinctive bar program, an outstanding full menu of modern Irish American Cuisine, and a unique architectural design interior that exudes the true flavor and charm of Ireland with a contemporary twist. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter! The event was a success with Irish Whiskey”s support! For more photos from the 2013 Gold Cup “Investing in Hope” Fundraiser, please click here or on the photo.  

Why did Catilo and Co., a leading firm in Virginia, sponsor Gold Cup?

Becky’s Fund thanks Paolo Alejandro Catilo with Catilo & Company for his generous support of the 2013 Gold Cup “Investing in Hope” Fundraiser for Becky’s Fund. Without his support, the event would not have been as much of a success as it was and we thank him again for his support! More about Paolo Alejandro Catilo and Catilo&Company: Paolo Alejandro Catilo, a Washingtonian for over 20 years, has been involved with numerous fund raising and charitable associations. In partnership with high profile sponsors such as Ralph Lauren, and Flexjet by Bombardier, Mr. Catilo has contributed to the continued success of organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project and the Washington Humane Society. Mr. Catilo serves as a Vice President in a Tyson’s Corner based commodity trading fund, and heads his own private consulting firm, Catilo & Company, which delivers expertise and execution in business logistics and management. He also serves on the Board of Directors of Auburn Mountain Financial Education Services, a nonprofit organization that promotes the growth and development of minority owned financial services companies. He can be contacted at The event was a success with Catilo&Co.'s support! For more photos from the 2013 Gold Cup “Investing in Hope” Fundraiser, please click here or on the photo.