Mitchell Katz

As an intern in the financial world more than 20 years ago, Mitchell “Mitch” Katz knew he wanted to take a different approach to financial management. It was the height of the tech boom and he witnessed brokers pressuring their clients to buy stock in AOL on a daily basis. While this practice certainly made money for the broker, it ultimately left a lot of people confused and in a major financial loss. It was then that Mitch decided he didn’t want to do business that way.

In 1997, Mitch co-founded Capital Associates, LLC with the goal of providing holistic wealth management services and helping to bring “Wall Street down to Main Street.” By taking complex concepts and simplifying them, Mitch speaks a financial language that anyone can understand. He helps his clients create a vision and puts together an actionable plan for executing this vision, allowing people to focus on the things that matter today to achieve a greater financial success than they ever thought possible.

As a person whose passion is cooking, health and fitness, Mitch strives to share this passion with his clients by helping them understand the correlation between personal wellness and financial success. When he’s not in the gym or playing a game of basketball, Mitch is a dedicated member of the community. His philanthropic work is what inspires him to become a better partner, family member and financial advisor.

Mitch was born and raised in Annapolis, Md. and graduated from the University of Maryland at College Park with a degree in finance. He is an avid Maryland Terrapins fan and global stamp collector having travelled the world to places like Turkey, India and Machu Picchu, Peru, just to name a few. Mitch is continually inspired by his clients, family and community and lives each day by this quote: “If what you did yesterday seems big, you haven’t done anything today” (Lou Holtz).