Read About Emily’s Experience with Becky’s Fund

August 1, 2016


This summer at Becky’s Fund has been unlike any summer I’ve had before and, I suspect, unlike any summer I will have again. I learned firsthand how exciting, unpredictable and consuming life at a small nonprofit organization can be.

When I was younger, I assumed that there would be a stark divide between my life and my work. At Becky’s Fund, I learned that this line blurs when you truly care about what you do. Although I was already passionate about women’s issues when I arrived, I quickly set to work educating myself about domestic violence (IPV). My work with the women, survivors and students at Becky’s Fund provided me with a crash-course in IPV: what it looks like, why it occurs and how we can prevent it. I can confidently say that this education has changed my life because I am now a dedicated and determined advocate for all survivors of IPV.

At Becky’s Fund, I did research on gun violence, IPV within the LGBTQ+ population, domestic abuse law, teen dating violence, women’s empowerment and more. I reworked the curriculum for the girl’s workshop Becoming Your Own Heroine with all the new information I was learning. I directed, produced and edited videos about these issues in an effort to raise awareness. I edited and wrote grants. I edited the Becky’s Fund website pages with updated statistics and resources. I updated the social media accounts. I took photos at Men of Code and other events. I even did statistics based on the data from Men of Code and Becoming Your Own Heroine. Most importantly, I did all of this with the intensity and zeal of a young woman who really cared about her job’s cause.

My favorite experience at Becky’s Fund was teaching the Becoming Your Own Heroine workshop. Clarissa, my co-teacher, and I stood in front of a room of 14–16 year old girls and taught them about women’s empowerment. We explored topics such as dating violence, consent, sexual assault, gender norms and digital abuse — all while laughing, sharing personal stories and bonding. It was gratifying to watch the curriculum, which Clarissa and I had spent weeks working on, come to life. I hope that the next time one of those girls confronts an abusive situation, or even just a piece of media that depicts women poorly, they think of what Clarissa and I taught them.

I am grateful to the women (and man — thanks, Andy) that I worked with this summer at Becky’s Fund. Becky and her phenomenal team have inspired me to be a better version of myself.

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