Learn More About Natalie’s Experience with Becky’s Fund

July 1, 2016

During my time at Becky’s Fund, I developed a variety of helpful skills that I believe will benefit me in my future career. Through my research, I expanded my previous knowledge about the gender asymmetry of domestic violence. I also came to a much more in depth understanding of the intersection between race, professional athletics, and violence, when I explored the media’s portrayal of professional athletes who have committed violent acts. In addition, I developed deeper knowledge of the risk factors for domestic violence perpetration and explored various theoretical models that attempt to explain the root causes of violence. This research enabled me to strengthen my comprehension of what topics prevention education programs need to directly address if they would like to adequately prevent violence.

In addition, when I worked on the issues of coerced debt, financial abuse, and joint bank accounts in violent relationships, I was able to improve my teamwork skills as I worked collaboratively with an expert in finance.

My research and evaluation of the Men of Code program has helped me to utilize my quantitative research skills in a real-life setting. Being able to witness the actual prevention education program also helps me to connect what I have read in the literature and what trends I see in the data with actual people. Finally, working directly in workshops with young girls and also with college students as a facilitator has improved my knowledge of the gaps that exist in our culture as far as understanding healthy relationships, conflict resolution, and the dynamics of abuse.

In general, I feel that I have made significant connections between the various theoretical explanations for violence and the actual prevention work that is necessary to end it and I hope to apply this connections in my future work.

The safety and well-being of our clients and staff is our first priority.

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