Goodbye, Erzsebet!

August 17, 2017

Erzsebet Helmeczy

Program and Communications Intern, 2017

I’m honored to have had the opportunity to work as a Program and Communications Intern at Becky’s Fund. It was very exciting and rewarding to use the research I previously completed on sexual assault prevention programming in my work developing Men of Code, the primary prevention initiative I worked on and taught this summer. Becky allowed her interns quite a bit of independence in style, so there was a sense of satisfaction I felt at the completion of each class knowing that the curriculum taught was the one I had put effort into writing and editing with my co-workers. The classes didn’t always go as expected, but I learned a lot about education programming and non-profit outreach because of this. As the weeks progressed, I believe I gained a new confidence in the classroom, something I’m very proud of considering my initial hesitation to teach. My favorite part about working for Becky’s Fund was the wide variety of tasks that Becky assigned to me. These allowed for previous skill sets to be strengthened and new skill sets to be developed, which is all I could hope for from an internship experience.

I know that before I applied to Becky’s Fund, I did a lot of research about the organization and read the final reflections of past interns. I welcome those considering interning at Becky’s Fund to contact me and ask more questions about the position, if interested. The Program and Communications internship pushed me out of my comfort zone on many levels, restored confidence in my ability to try new things, and showed me that I’m capable of handling and successfully completing a variety of different tasks. I met new people and became friends with my co-workers, who I had a great time working with. Thank you Becky for this wonderful opportunity and for your mentorship throughout this summer. I hope to keep in touch with you as I continue on to the next! Best of luck,



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