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Please join us for our next Becoming Your Own Heroine Workshop on July 13

Becky’s Fund Welcomes Our Summer Interns

Let’s Celebrate Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Becky’s Fund Receives $15,000 Community Impact Grant from New York Life

Becky’s Fund at Charity Off the Hook on April 22!

Believing Survivors. Men of CODE. Gratitude.

Walk This Way 2018: Media & Press

Anchyi Wei + Mindy Lam Collection Reveal at The Moxy Hotel

Save the Date: Giving Tuesday 11.27.2018

Climb To End Domestic Violence!

Climb to End Domestic Violence

Empowered: Stories of Resilience and Healing

2018 Walk This Way Press Release: What You Missed!

Becky’s Fund Welcomes Emmanuella

Becky’s Fund Welcomes Kimberly

Yoga with Becky’s Fund

Becky’s Fund Welcomes Theresa

July Update: Men of CODE / Support Becky’s Fund today!

Gun Violence and the Dismissal of Violence Against Women

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

International Women’s Day

New Survivor Support

Becky’s Fund Welcomes Devani

Becky’s Fund Welcomes Lauren

Becky’s Fund Welcomes Margaret

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

Goodbye, Selena!

Goodbye, Tomas!

Becky’s Fund welcomes Brandon Harvey

Becky’s Fund Welcomes Tomas

Sara bids farewell to Becky’s Fund and DC!

2017 Walk This Way Photos

2017 Walk This Way Press Release

Domestic Violence Awareness Month & Mental Health Day

Becky’s Fund Welcomes Rachab Abdie

Paint & Sip at the Park

Future of Sports

Goodbye, Anthony!

Back on Track – Cycle Fundraiser

Goodbye, Erzsebet!

What are ghosting, benching, gaslighting, and lovebombing? Tactics of emotional abuse.

Goodbye, Becca!

Goodbye, Amanda!

What is Becky’s Fund up to this Summer?

Becky’s Fund Welcomes Rachel

Becky’s Fund Welcomes Anthony

Take a Stand, Make a Splash

Check out our Latest Newsletter!

Join BF and Gary Clark for our Family Fitness Challenge!

Becky’s Fund Welcomes Erzsebet

Becky’s Fund Welcomes Becca

Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs: Shark Tank 2017

Break a Sweat with Becky’s Fund!

Have a Drink with Compass and Becky’s Fund!

Get Ready for Gold Cup!

Gold Cup Pre-Game

Thank you to Tinder and everyone who tweeted, helping Becky’s Fund raise $21,916!

Tinder Swipes Right for Women’s Rights

Immigration and Domestic Violence

Becky’s Fund Welcomes Amanda

2016 Walk This Way Press

2016 Walk This Way Photo Albums

2016 Walk This Way Press Release

Cigars Under the Stars

Becky’s Fund Welcomes Haleluya

Join Us on December 9 for 2016 Walk This Way

Becky’s Fund Welcomes Riya

Read About Clarissa’s Experience with Becky’s Fund

Learn More About Maya’s Experience with Becky’s Fund

Learn About Andy’s Experience with Becky’s Fund

Read About Emily’s Experience with Becky’s Fund

Forget Me Not: Taking the Leap

Learn More About Natalie’s Experience with Becky’s Fund

Forget Me Not: What Controls You?

Forget Me Not: Taking on Personal Responsibility

Forget Me Not: #MaybeSHEdoesnthityou

Forget Me Not: Dolphins at Sunset

Forget Me Not: You and Me

Forget Me Not: Guilt and Confusion

Becky’s Fund Welcomes Clarissa

The Monument Quilt Summary

Becky’s Fund Welcomes Natasha

Becky’s Fund Welcomes Maya

Forget Me Not: Today I Am Sad

Forget Me Not: A Victim’s Tortured Mind

Becky’s Fund Welcomes Ella

Becky’s Fund Welcomes Andy

Forget Me Not: Men and Abuse

Forget Me Not: Choosing Survivor Status

Becky’s Fund Welcomes Emily

Forget Me Not: Finding My Path

Forget Me Not: Finding Your Voice

Forget Me Not: Crawling Out of the Darkness — Part 3

2016 Investing in Hope Featured on Bisnow

Forget Me Not: Crawling Out of the Darkness — Part 2

Forget Me Not: Crawling Out of the Darkness — Part 1

Forget Me Not: Why Should I Care?

Forget Me Not: This Week

Forget Me Not: A Letter from My Future Self

Forget Me Not: Why My Story Isn’t So Bad

Forget Me Not: How Do I Help a Friend That Is in Trouble?

Forget Me Not: A Letter to the Family and Friends of Victims

Forget Me Not: A Letter to New Survivors

Forget Me Not: A Letter to My Younger Self

Forget Me Not: Talking to Teens About Dating Violence

Forget Me Not: Coming to Terms with Triggers

Forget Me Not: Victim vs. Survivor

Yesi’s Internship Experience

Empowered, Fit, and Free

Forget Me Not: Finding Balance

Forget Me Not: Healing is an Ongoing Process

Forget Me Not: Bike Love

Forget Me Not: Loving me, loving you

Forget Me Not: Just Me

Becky’s Fund Welcomes Natalie

Forget Me Not: This is not the end of me, this is the beginning

forget me not: My Journey

Becky’s Fund Welcomes Yesenia

Violinist Michelle Kim Interviewed by Julie Donaldson

Chris Pontius Interviewed by Julie Donaldson

Steve Birnbaum Interviewed by Julie Donaldson

Bradley Beal Interviewed by Julie Donaldson

Pierre Garçon interviewed by Julie Donaldson

2015 WTW Press

Bradley Beal, Pierre Garçon, Gio Gonzalez and More Help Raise Over $150,000 at the Becky’s Fund 7th Annual Walk This Way Fashion Show

Becky's Fund Welcomes Amy

Becky's Fund Welcomes Elizabeth

Tori bids farewell to Becky's Fund as she begins her journey in social work

My time with Becky's Fund

Title IX and The Hunting Ground

Becky's Fund Welcomes Kathleen

The Super bowl: Sex Trafficking, Domestic Violence and Objectification of Women

Becky's Fund Welcomes Tori

Becky’s Fund Welcomes Helen

Becky’s Fund says Goodbye to Chrisanthe Theodorakakis

Becky’s Fund Welcomes Christina

Becky's Fund Welcomes Patrick

Intern Chelsea Davignon bids farewell to Becky's Fund and DC

Learn more about Natalia Langner's experience at Becky's Fund

Meet this brutally violent gang that everyone encounters sometime in their lives

Thank you for making 2014 Walk This Way a great success!

Woman Bravely Shares Her Story Through Facebook Selfie’s

My Summer Experience and Internship with Becky's Fund

Read About Caroline Davis' Experience with Becky's Fund

Gun Violence and Domestic Abuse

Former White House Intern Joins Becky's Fund

Humanitarian Brings International Passion to Becky's Fund

Read About Olivia Schwartz's Experience at Becky's Fund

Learn About Jose's Experience with Becky's Fund

Learn more about Emily Chimiak's experience at Becky's Fund

Find Out About Ti Tran's Experience At Becky's Fund!

Learn More About Shannon MacLaren's Experience At Becky's Fund

This University in our area ignored 3 harassment and raped victims’ complaints

Learn more about Taylor Soldner's experience at Becky's Fund!

Read more about Yasmin Falla's Experience at Becky's Fund!

Learn why Natalia Langner joined the Becky's Fund team!

See why Kojami supported Becky's Fund at the 2013 Gold Cup

Read about why Yasmin Fallahkhair joined the Becky's Fund team!

Read about why the popular Virginia bar Wilson Tavern sponsored Becky’s Fund at Gold Cup on May 4

See why Taylor Soldner joined the Becky's Fund team!

Learn about why Giancarlo Serrato joined the Becky's Fund team!

Read about why Sarah Anouilh joined the Becky's Fund team!

Why did The Mighty Pint, a popular DC sports bar, sponsor Gold Cup?

See why the popular DC bar Irish Whiskey sponsored Becky's Fund at Gold Cup on May 4

Why did Catilo and Co., a leading firm in Virginia, sponsor Gold Cup?

Michaela Quimby's Bio

Its time for a REVOLUTION, join the ONE BILLION!

Sungeun(Sonya) Heo Bio

Edwin Guevara’s Bio

Anna Battaglia’s Bio

Tiffany Gambill Bio

Thanks for the Memories

One Woman's Old Car is Another Woman's Lifeboat

Becky's Fund Thanks White Star Investments

Becky's Fund Thanks Anchyi Wei Design Studios

Click here to view photos and videos from event

Becky's Fund Thanks Kojami

Becky's Fund Thanks NRG Energy

Becky's Fund Thanks The Front Page Restaurant

Becky's Fund Thank's Maggie O'Neill and O'Neill Studios

The Washington Post

Washington Business Journal


The Huffington Post’s coverage of 2012 Walk This Way

Hollywood on the Potomac

Guest of a Guest: 2012 Walk This Way

The Fab Empire

Bisnow Coverage of 2012 Walk This Way

Don't FALL Back Into Your Old Habits

Who thinks we should have 'Domestic Violence Offender' registries?

Sofia's story of LOVE then pain

Seynique’s Farewell

V for Victory or V for Violence?

Becky's Fund Welcomes New Intern Caroline Ladzinski

Becky's Fund soon to launch Peace at Home program to help military families suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Becky's Fund Welcomes New Intern Antonice Strickland

Emily's Farewell

See Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law in ACTION!

Does Twilight Make Dating Violence Sexy?

Photo Credit:

Read the latest update on the Violence Against Women Act

Would you cover up bruises from an abuser?

This One's for the Boys: DV Prevention Education for Young Men

Washington Life Magazine

NBC Washington