Tiffany Gambill Bio

February 12, 2013

Hi! My name is Tiffany Gambill, I am bubbly, outgoing and super optimistic! I am getting over a cold so that throws me off my game. I am quiet at first, but once I get to know you my true colors will show. Speaking of True Colors, I am pretty awesome orange. In my group at TWC the orange group had to decide what it means to be orange, I instantly shouted out, “YOLO!” You only live once. I try to live life to the fullest; we never know how much time we have. I can make friends with a rock and I can cheer anyone up through humor. Laughing is a priority, it is great, it makes you feel amazing, it makes people more open appearing, everyone can laugh no matter the background, it can help you overcome a tough time and it also is a workout on your abs, not really but I like to think so. Music is another top priority of mine, it can lead everyone to laughter and it just gets people out of their environment and puts them in their own little amazing world, at least for me. It helps me think, I know it sounds weird, but in complete silence I hear everything and I am worried I may make the wrong noise, so music is my white noise that just makes my day better.

I am from Massachusetts, a town called Bridgewater it is southeast; I hate cold so winters in New England are never fun. I grew up camping down in Cape Cod for the summer, you have to visit Cape Cod, and it is beautiful, when it is not raining. I lived in Bridgewater but I attended a private catholic high school in Taunton, MA, called Coyle & Cassidy. I moved to Dartmouth, MA for college when I was 18. I went to the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, they raved of the handicap accessibility, and I soon found out that they lied completely. But I didn’t want to transfer because I joined a sorority Phi Sigma Sigma, the love and support from these ladies was one of a kind and I don’t think I could find that if I transferred. My best friend in my sorority lives in Arlington, so now we live a metro ride away, it’s great. I know this will sound bizarre but I often forget I am “disabled” and I realized it when I mentioned lack of accessibility, so I have Friechreich’s Ataxia (FA), it’s a muscle disorder, it’s not a fun thing to have but it is what it is, it has made me the person I am today.

So in college I was a women studies major, because I wanted to help end Human Trafficking internationally. Then I had a thought, that my wheelchair would not be able to tackle the lack of accessibility internationally. When I graduated I took a Domestic Violence training through D.O.V.E., mainly, because they had a night on Human Trafficking. After the first few meetings, I became much more devoted to the issue of DV. When the trafficking night came, they informed us that many human trafficking cases are DV cases. The training helped me realize DV has every issue that I am passionate to help ending. I took another DV and sexual assault training class, which led me to want to volunteer to be a SANE medical advocate. By the time I was done with the training, I was getting ready to come here so I did not participate in the SANE program. DC is perfect for many human rights and social work issues, so in this economy where I need experience to help find a job, I thought what better way than to get DV experience in DC! And here I am.

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