Tiffany Houser

I believe so much of what’s going on in the world today can be remedied with more stable, loving and informed household members. I am truly inspired by our Men of Code program, because the program addresses one of the most powerful sources of domestic violence…suppression of male emotions. I am highly motivated to focus my energy, effort and resources in educating men on emotional health, and that it is safe and empowering for men to express and channel their feelings.
I believe our society has made great stride to protect and empower women dealing with the abuse, and where we have fallen short is with our men. We women would not have to protect ourselves if men were raised, educated, supported and led by stronger and more empowered examples of masculinity and humanity, breaking down gender stereotypes. I also believe men need to experience more empowered women in their lives who will not tolerate poor behavior, old excuses and the antiquated notion of masculinity.
I believe our Men of Code program is a shining example and has powerful potential to uplift communities, high school and college campuses, and the workplace. I feel a bigger vision for this program and what’s incredibly encouraging about this, is now is the time. More and more people are listening and are ready to take action. I am excited and ready to elevate the program to reach more schools and more young men.
There are a lot of thought leaders, influencers and everyday folks who would love to participate, volunteer and contribute, and is why I believe our organization is on a mission to create a bigger impact to end the cycle of domestic violence.
I am honored to join the Board of Directors to do my part, and expand Becky’s Fund’s reach to allow more people get involved with this groundbreaking approach to domestic violence, male emotional health, masculinity, and female empowerment.
I am also a Certified Mindset & Leadership Coach, specializing in corporate culture. I am on a mission with team of coaches and culture leaders to create happier, engaged, and fulfilled people passionately creating the work they love for companies they love, while also empowers leaders, entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders who are ready to step into and elevate their professional purpose by landing their next dream job/gig, elevating their visibility & leadership, and creating strategies to further monetize their expertise and passion. 
I love what I do as a coach, and am fortunate to also be a SoulCycle Instructor for over 5 years. I have lived in New York City and Miami before moving to Washington, DC.