Jay Gutnick

February 23, 2015

Jay Gutnick helped to found and runs business development for Lifematters, an employee based health care firm serving seniors and disabled adults in the greater Washington, DC area. Based in Bethesda, Lifematters now employs over 1,000 professionals with varying degrees of nursing expertise throughout Maryland, Virginia and the District. With an emphasis on brand development and marketing, Jay has helped grow Lifematters into the leading provider of its nature in the country based on revenue. Eyeing expansion and diversity, Lifematters has multiple arms of service including personal care, skilled nursing care, case management and private management within continuous care communities.

In working with individuals with a varying degree of conditions, Jay has a broad spectrum of knowledge of various physical and mental illnesses. However, the fight for the cure for ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease, has been his passion. A leading fundraiser, and active with the corporate office, Jay, along with Lifematters, has been a strong advocate for ALS patients and their families. In addition, Jay sits on the board of Shared Horizons, a nonprofit organization created to manage pooled special needs trusts. Shared Horizons was designed to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities, while protecting their assets and benefits.

Jay earned his degree in English from the University of Maryland, with a minor in Spanish and a concentration in Biology.