See why Taylor Soldner joined the Becky’s Fund team!

May 27, 2013

My name is Taylor Soldner and I attend the University of Missouri where I am studying strategic communication and business. I am excited to be working with Becky’s Fund this summer because it advocates not only to end domestic violence but also to educate people on the issue. Attending a large university has given me the opportunity to interact with many different types of people. All too often I see and hear violence against women in the way boyfriends interact with their partners, in the way women are treated at parties and in the way people post comments belittling women on social media. Our college campus culture of alcohol and partying exacerbates these issues and in a way, endorses them. We need to educate people, and students especially, that this college culture allows them to think violence is acceptable. It’s very important to start with students because they are the future leaders and decision-makers of our country. If we can educate them effectively, we will be on our way to ending domestic violence. Therefore, Becky’s Fund is the perfect opportunity and experience for me to help educate people on the issue and start the conversation about domestic violence. People do not talk about domestic violence very publicly, so they are able to distance themselves from the issue. I hope to help start the conversation as the communications intern. Also, I am passionate about volunteering and hope to help with the various educational workshops and fundraisers for Becky’s Fund. As a woman, this issue is very close to my heart. I hope to learn more about the issue and what I can do after my experience at Becky’s Fund to help end domestic violence in my community.