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Becky’s Fund Thanks White Star Investments

Thank you Rueben Bajaj and White Star Investments for your support of 2012 Walk This Way and Becky’s Fund. Without your help, this event could not be possible and we thank you again for your sponsorship.

About White Star: White Star Investments is a privately owned real estate investment and operating firm based in Bethesda, Maryland. White Star specializes in acquiring under-marketed retail real estate investments and proactively building asset value. At White Star their goal is to be the most innovative owner and developer of quality real estate assets in the markets.

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Becky’s Fund Thanks Anchyi Wei Design Studios

Meet Anchyi Wei, concept designer and stylist for the female portion of this year’s WTW, worked with designs from Marti, Bishme Cromartie, Charm Georgetown, Anchyi Wei Design Studio and Melissa Vap and injected domestic violence awareness into the show by having laced-veil and haute-couture sunglasses worn by the models.

Thank you Anchyi Wei for making 2012 Walk This Way a fabulous event!

See her amazing designs from 2012 Walk This Way here

Becky’s Fund Thanks Kojami

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Kojami Inc. enabled Becky’s Fund to take a HUGE step technologically as the event (and other previous events in 2012) was marketed via mobile before, during and after the event. The events application also provided a venue for sponsors and partners to reach their potential audience via mobile advertising through Becky’s Fund mobile network. The live-stream to mobile phones and computers in the region and beyond during the event, was seen by almost 3 times the amount of attendees, sparking hundreds of positive conversations regarding the topic of domestic violence within 24hours.

Click here to view photos and videos from event Click here to view photos and videos from event

Becky’s Fund Thanks NRG Energy

Becky's Fund thanks NRG Energy for their help and support of 2012 Walk This Way. This wonderful event would not have been amazing without your help.

About NRG Energy: NRG Energy is a Fortune 300 company, NRG is at the forefront of changing how people think about and use energy. Whether as the largest solar power developer in the country, by building the nation’s first privately funded electric vehicle charging infrastructure or by giving customers the latest smart energy solutions to better manage their energy use, NRG is a pioneer in developing cleaner and smarter energy choices for our customers.

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Becky’s Fund Thanks The Front Page Restaurant

Their brunch menu of extremely delicious chicken dippers, Pork sliders and veggie platters added flavor to the overall experience through the entire event.

About The Front Page Restaurant: The Front Page has been around for almost 23 years, and in those years they have built an extensive industry family.

Click here to see The Front Page daily specials.

Thank you The Front Page Restaurant for your support and contribution to 2012 Walk This Way and Becky's Fund. We hope you enjoyed the show and look forward to working with you in the future!

Becky’s Fund Thank’s Maggie O’Neill and O’Neill Studios

Maggie O’Neill is a Washington, DC based fine artist and the Creative Director of O’Neill Studios, the decorative painting company she founded in 2001.

Ms. O”Neill helped design the 2012 Walk This Way backdrop, furniture and runway set. She assisted, with the talent of Design Operative in constructing the sun glass backdrop on stage for the runway. O”Neill Design Studios” great work in interior design and construction is evident in notable restaurants including OYA, Sei, Sax, Thunder Burger & Bar in DC, Panache Restaurant in VA., and many more! Thank you, O”Neill Studios for helping make #2012WTW a great success this year!

To see more work from O”Neill Studios click here

Who thinks we should have ‘Domestic Violence Offender’ registries?

No abusive relationship starts out that way. If a guy hit you on the first date, you probably wouldn’t give him a second call any time soon. It’s almost always a progression of increasingly controlling or violent behaviors. So the scary thing is, you never know.

Every worried soccer mom or protective dad has been able to check the sex offender registry for potential threats for years. But when it comes to domestic violence, you have no way of knowing if you or your friend’s next blind date might be bad news.

And given the facts about domestic violence reoffending, it’s crucial that we be able to know just what we’re getting into. A study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics found that over half of defendants in domestic violence cases last year were at least second time offenders. And that’s only among the men who were in court and were reported. Thousands of cases and complaints go unheard each year because victims have a hard time coming forward.

Currently, there are no state registries, and though Texas and New York both considered bills to create them in 2011, both died in their respective houses. A privately owned company created a national registry that has been “in progress” since it began. Maryland has 0 offenders listed, and Virginia only about 50. It’s hard to believe these are accurate total numbers given the statistic that 1 in 3 women experiences domestic or dating violence.

So why the disparity? Why sex offender registries and not domestic violence offender registries? Both offenders are charged because of intimate violence. Both present a threat to children and potential partners. Is the law implicitly delegitimizing the danger of a domestic violence offender in comparison to a sex offender? We’re not sure, but for now, with no help from a registry, we all have to be careful about how our and our friends’ new relationships start developing and be able to say something when we see warning signs.

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Sofia’s story of LOVE then pain

Sofia believes in the American dream and you can see it in her smile if you knew her. She once had a vision of her future that she never stopped to pursue.  One day Sofia met the person who made her feel butterflies in her stomach and who she felt finally made her life complete.  She gave him her life and she tried to change his to make him a better person.

She realized that he had a dark past that has become a part of his present. That compulsive, social liar personality could be very hard to change, but she believe that she could do anything and that the sky was the limit. So she continued to get involved with his life and learned his deepest secrets.  Every time she thought they were progressing to a better place in their relationship, she saw more and more red flags. It started as a simple push and grab and escalated to punches and chokes until she felt that she couldn’t breathe.

Sofia found herself stuck in a dark world, the same dark world that she was trying to take him out of. He made her believe that he had the world in his hands and as any good “car dealer” he knew what to say and how to behave in front of people. Nobody would have any idea of what was really going on behind closed doors.

One day everything stopped…and he was gone. Even though she loves him to this day, she knows that she is better without him. Sofia would rather wake up every morning, praying to God that she stops having these feelings, than to never have the opportunity to wake up alive again.

She has forgiven him but hasn’t forgotten what happened and she is learning how to let him go from her heart. If you have met Sofia you know that she lights up any place, every time she walks into a room because she has the body of a woman and she still has the innocent soul of a child. If you haven’t seen her, don’t forget her story and learn from it because one day it could be the story of somebody you love.

Becky’s Fund soon to launch Peace at Home program to help military families suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD is a topic that affects many, but is openly discussed by few. Soldiers who seek treatment for PTSD face many obstacles, from month long waiting lists to
losing their jobs or status. These obstacles prevent many from seeking the help
that they desperately need, which can lead to greater instances of suicide and
domestic violence. About 1 in 8 veterans will return home with PTSD, and these
men are four times more likely to abuse their spouses than those without PTSD.
These devastating statistics show that it’s time to break the silence.

Becky’s fund is working to create a program called Peace at Home. This program
will work to create a service that will both help the soldiers with PTSD and
support their families. This program will include therapy, an online community,
and other resources to support those affected by PTSD and help to break the
silence surrounding the issue.

Potential Partners:

http://www.afterdeployment.org/mission–this group looks to provide online
resources to soldiers with ptsd, might be helpful for the online community portion
of the program

http://hiddenwounds.org/our-mission/–they work to provide interim counseling
while soldiers wait for VA resources

battlingbare—a support system for wives of vets with PTSD