Sungeun(Sonya) Heo Bio

February 12, 2013

I am Sungeun Heo, a junior Political Science major. Please call me Sonya rather than Sung, it is not my name and it sounds like a common boy’s name. Also, I am offended when people call me ‘Sung’, still I do not correct people when they call me that, especially when I meet them for the first time because I am shy. My shyness and silence  leads people to believe that I am not interested in them or what they are saying. The truth is, I am very interested and I am thinking about the people around me almost all the time. It doesn’t help, that my facial expressions are slow to interpret my thoughts; this is why I prefer to write down my opinions and feelings.

I am from Seoul, South Korea. Some people try to relate my personality to my hometown culture which incorrect because many people from Seoul are very social. I should practice interacting with people more. It has only been a week since I arrived in D.C. but I think that Washington D.C. people and Seoul people are a lot alike. We tend to take ourselves very seriously, we have specific goals, and we tend to protect our boundaries more. I presume our similarities have to do with the environment of the big city surrounding us. I am currently attending Ohio Northern University situated in the small, country-side town of Ada, Ohio. My undergraduate major  is Political Science which is not given the same amount of importance as other majors on my campus. I appreciate the supportive faculty and staff of my department

Like my university’s faculty and staff, I’d love to support others; I am very interested in helping victims of domestic violence because I understand their concerns. They want to fight against those who victimize them, but they feel too weak and afraid to stand up to the one the once loved. Furthermore, victims sometimes forget they have the right to be loved and cared for, instead they blame themselves. I understand that it not only affecting the present time of a whole family but also the future of a family; because the family is the basic society in one’s life. This is why I want to help victims and ultimately myself. When I help others stand up for them self I also gain confidence and energy to stand up for myself.  I think that legally supporting victims is the secure way to protect them. Also, many lack the knowledge to defend themselves in court, I hope to help them in that area as well. This is why I was attracted to the organization Becky’s Fund, because it supports people in legal realm. Another attraction is the many active events, such as workshops and activities which I would like to take part in so I can bring myself interactive and social.

The safety and well-being of our clients and staff is our first priority.

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