A Note From Becky’s Fund

To our supporters,

From all of us at Becky’s Fund, I’m writing to say we’re thinking of you.

I hope you are doing okay during this uncertain time. If you are like me, these last two weeks have definitely been challenging. If I watch too much news or spend too much time on social media, I find myself getting anxious and then start wondering which news and advice is valid and which isn’t.

So, instead, I have been focusing on the things I can control like staying healthy and managing my mental health by working out every morning when I get up, holding myself accountable to a schedule every day, taking walks outside to get fresh air, and connecting with friends on text, through phone calls and on videochat. I view this forced “slow down” as a blessing and see a silver lining – I see people valuing the little things, being grateful for simple pleasures, people using this time to realign their lives to focus on what matters most, people working on themselves, reinventing themselves to become better versions of their past selves, and people being more compassionate and empathetic with each other, showing a more kinder, gentler side of humanity than ever before.

At Becky’s Fund, our new reality presents an opportunity for us to rethink and re-evaluate how we build community, how we create programs, and how we can support people in living happier, healthier, and safer lives. While our in-person gatherings – community events, workshops, trainings, fundraisers – have all been postponed until further notice, our team is working hard to create and share virtual workshops and online engagement opportunities where students, educators, volunteers, and supporters can still participate and connect.  So I encourage you to stay connected with us through our website and social media as we continue to build community with you as a safe space for encouragement, information, and support.

Until then, please stay healthy and safe and try to use this time to connect in new and different ways with the friends and family you love. None of this has ever been more important than it is today!