Learn About Andy’s Experience with Becky’s Fund

August 8, 2016


My time at Becky’s Fund has been a truly eye-opening and exceptional experience. I remember waking up in June on my first day of work, having no idea what to expect and as nervous as I have been for anything in my life. However, all of my concerns quickly vanished upon my arrival to the office as I was welcomed with open arms by Becky and the other interns. I knew early on that this summer would be unlike anything I have experienced in the past.

I came into the internship knowing that I would be helping to facilitate the Men of Code program, but that was about it. Having minimal experience working with issues surrounding IPV, my initial tasks revolved around researching, studying, and getting acclimated within the field. More specifically, I began by researching collegiate and professional athletes that have perpetrated domestic or sexual violence, and how these cases were handled. Before this, I knew that in some instances, these crimes were swept under the rug by institutions in order to protect the athlete, but I had no idea of the frequency that this occurred. I quickly became aware of many studies and statistics regarding athletes and IPV, and I have been able to bring this new found knowledge to the students in the Men of Code program.

Once the last week of June came, the majority of my time with Becky’s Fund was spent at Friendship Collegiate Academy teaching the Men of Code program. Other than obvious difficulties with attendance due to summer vacation, the program proved to be a transformable experience for not only the boys, but also for my co-facilitator, Malik, and myself. I plan on taking everything that I have learned through my experience with Becky’s Fund and Men of Code back to Dickinson College and my lacrosse team. As men, and leaders on our campus, we have a responsibility to help influence change.

All in all, my time at Becky’s Fund has been very positive. I am extremely grateful for having been given the opportunity to come work at this great organization, and for the amazing people I have had the chance to work alongside with during the summer. I have learned so much during this experience, and I will take everything with me as I continue to navigate through life. I cannot thank Becky enough for this opportunity, and I wish her, and her organization, the best of luck as they continue to make strides in IPV prevention and support.

The safety and well-being of our clients and staff is our first priority.

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