Becky’s Fund Welcomes Kathleen

February 17, 2015

Kathleen Huang Portrait copyKathleen Huang is an undergraduate student at Georgetown University majoring in Government and minoring in Theology. She is from California and has a strong interest in women’s issues. Learn more about Kathleen here. As a undergraduate at Georgetown University majoring in Government and minoring in Theology, women’s issues and domestic violence haven’t been my focus. Since these issues are important to me, I have decided to gain knowledge through outside the classroom experiences in the form of internships and volunteering. What sparked my interest in domestic violence and dating violence was the increasing amount of negative publicity college campuses started to get after their poor handling of dating violence cases last year.

Those events prompted me to develop an interest in the field of women’s health. As a result, I ended up interning for Break the Cycle, a non-profit that focuses on issues of dating violence and providing resources for providers. As I became more knowledgable about the issues of domestic and dating violence, I became more vocal and more determined to help survivors and leave a positive impact. After finishing a semester long internship at Break the Cycle, I continued my advocacy through working as a Youth Advisory Board Member for Loveisrespect in combating dating violence. As a board member I work with other like minded youth throughout the nation in promoting awareness for the issues of dating violence and domestic abuse.

Currently I am volunteering at Becky’s Fund and my projects include domestic violence research and working on presentation material. I am excited to be working with a non-profit so dedicated to helping survivors and spreading awareness about the dangers and prevalence of domestic violence. I hope to continue to broaden my knowledge of domestic violence issues and support methods so that I may find better ways to communicate with survivors and help my own community.

The safety and well-being of our clients and staff is our first priority.

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