Humanitarian Brings International Passion to Becky’s Fund

June 3, 2014


My experiences and travels have taken me many places in my life and has helped me form who I am. My name is Caroline Davis, I am a rising Junior at High Point University in North Carolina. I am currently a double major in Nonprofit Management and Political Science,   I hope to study Public Policy in my future education. I have had some different experiences working with different nonprofits, I am a volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters as well as Habitat for Humanity, but I have also worked with nonprofits on SWOT and program analysis and implementation.

In my future I hope to work with international women’s rights and empowerment, currently I am very interested in the culture in India and fixing the different mentalities of women in that country. This was cultivated when I went to Morocco last summer to volunteer at the Rabat Children’s Hospital, and learned about new cultures and the needs in different parts of the world. I believe that empowerment and education are two big factors in women’s empowerment and I especially think that education of men on women’s rights is important in changing attitudes.


On the political side I am interested in policy changes and working with the government in setting up laws or changing policies in place. I am also interested in looking at statistics of domestic violence and the accuracy of those statistics. I am very excited to be working with Becky’s Fund and learning the different aspects of a nonprofit as well as the different pathways to promote advocacy and awareness of important issues.