The Becky Lee Women’s Support Fund (Becky’s Fund) is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to eradicating domestic violence. Since volunteers are crucial to our existence, Becky’s Fund seeks volunteers who are organized and efficient and who want to learn more about nonprofit development while supporting the fight against domestic violence. Due to the different activities and programs we run, we can generally use whatever time and skills volunteers can give. However, we do ask for a commitment of at least 9 hours a month.

Areas of Outreach and Support

Some of the different areas of outreach and support that a volunteer can become involved in include the following:

  • Fundraising
    Help plan and assist with fundraising events; identify and contact donors; and research grants.
  • Event Planning and Community Education
    Contact and arrange educational speaking engagements with local organizations, help staff tables at community events and speak on domestic violence issues to a variety of audiences, and assist with our college domestic violence tour starting in the fall.
  • Administrative Help
    Provide office support; update forms; research; update website with current information, and assist with mailings.
  • Policy Activism
    Speak on the Hill on behalf of domestic violence survivors about issues like confidentiality and victim rights; help advocate for better legislation regarding domestic violence.
  • Mental Health Services
    Address the mental health needs for abuse victims; provide medical attention, counseling, and support for those who have been traumatized by domestic violence.
  • Financial Consulting
    Assist domestic violence survivors in regaining financial stability.
  • Pro Bono Lawyer
    Provide legal advice and research for survivors; represent clients in domestic violence cases.

Upcoming Opportunities to Volunteer with Becky’s Fund

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please fill out the Volunteer Application (PDF) and email to becky@beckysfund.org.

If you are interested in organizing a community fundraiser, please fill out the Fundraising Event Application (PDF) and email to becky@beckysfund.org.

Thank you for your support! (Note: you will need to download and install Adobe Reader to complete the pdfs.)