Edwin Guevara’s Bio

February 12, 2013

Hello My Name is Edwin Guevara I am a 23 year old DC resident. I recently graduated from Montgomery College where I received an associates degree in general studies. I plan to attend a 4 year institution in the upcoming fall semester where I will being studying Criminal Justice and Criminology. During my free time I practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and relax by watching european football.

I currently intern at Becky’s Fund because it was something that very much hit home, having had prior experience with domestic violence and seeing many of my peer being affected by it I really felt that it was something I wanted to be part of. I saw that there was a need to get more involved and to educate individuals (especially young men), in our community about issues like domestic violence and women’s rights. I hope to build a long term relationship with this organization and hope to help it flourish and grow while making an impact on our community. In the upcoming months I will be coordinating various events including a panel discussion, a youtube contest, various fundraisers and a young mens summer workshop, all in an effort to spread knowledge of domestic violence and to teach young men to not only respect women but also teach their peers.

I am also an intern at Voto Latino, where I have learned a lot about working in an office setting, social media and organizing large scale events. I recently helped put together an event in celebration of the recent inauguration ceremony. I am currently working on two campaigns one being “Im ready” for immigration reform and the other being our “power submit” where we train our future leaders and advocates. Prior to joining Voto Latino I was never very politically active, but now I feel like a whole new world of possibilities has been opened to me.

Due to recent experiences I think it is safe to say that I really want to work in the non profit sector for years to come. I have learned a lot about my community from a local and national standpoint and I have also learned a lot about my self in the process. While I would love to keep doing this forever, I understand the need for more education and plan to attend a four year institution in the upcoming year, afterwards I hope to attend graduate school and get my masters in urban development.

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