Does Twilight Make Dating Violence Sexy?

August 3, 2012

 Breaking Dawn Part 2 (The Trailer)

After the recent release of the official trailer for the Twilight Saga's Breaking Dawn Part Two, it's a fresh reminder of the continual concerns and complaints about what the series says about dating. Despite the “romantic” nature of the novels and their widespread popularity (especially among girls ages 12-16), when taken out of their context, some of the facts of Bella's relationship with both Edward and Jacob are quite disturbing.

A teenage girl, (or a full grown woman, for that matter), probably shouldn't be swooning at the thought of a man who sneaks into her bedroom at night to watch her sleep, who separates her from her friends, who asks her to fake her death to the outside world in order to join his family, and withholds sex to get what he wants (marriage). And though 50 Shades of Grey might be making the BDSM scene popular for the moment, it doesn't matter how strong your boyfriend is, it's not tremendously sexy to wake up covered in bruises.

So what are we getting out of this as a culture? Millions will pour into theaters to watch the final installment of the Twilight Series, where Bella has finally been totally transformed, and cut off from the vast majority of her support network. But, it's all ok because Edward is obsessively in love with her.

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So, when Twilight  hits theaters later this year, keep in mind 10 tips & warning signs your partner might be abusive… Edward style.

  1. He has power over if and when you have sex. Manipulation isn't sexy.
  2. Your partner repeatedly tells you that he couldn't live without you, or ever attempts to kill himself (See book 2)
  3. Your partner should never cut your car wires in order to prevent you from  seeing a close friend because he is suspicious about your romantic involvement (a la Jacob)
  4. Your partner should never be breaking into your house, whether to watch you sleep or to steal the keys to your car.
  5. Your relationship should not put you in repeated mortal danger.
  6. You shouldn't be afraid of your partner, and your partner shouldn't have a taste for blood.
  7. Your partner shouldn't feel threatened by or ever try to fight your male friends.
  8. Being in a relationship with your partner requires you to sacrifice dreams and relationships, like going to college or seeing your family.
  9. Your partner shouldn't break things when angry.
  10. Most of all, you shouldn't have to change who you are to be with someone.

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