Becky’s Fund says Goodbye to Chrisanthe Theodorakakis

February 5, 2015

chrisanthi becky's fund
Over the past four months at Becky’s Fund I have learned many valuable lessons about nonprofit work, domestic violence issues, and about myself. When I first began working with Becky’s Fund I knew that domestic violence was an important, under-discussed issue in our society. After spending time researching current issues, working directly with several survivors, and getting involved with the educational programs Becky’s Fund offers, I understand that domestic violence is one of the most complex, emotional, frightening experiences an individual can go through. The most important thing I have come to understand, though, is that domestic violence is preventable and that it will take more than just a few passionate individuals at a nonprofit to stop it.

This is the reason I have so thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Becky’s Fund. Although some days were emotional or tiring when working with survivors, it was extremely rewarding to know that I was one part of an incredible force of good. Of course, the work Becky’s Fund does with survivors is amazing. I was able to see several women make great progress over several months through finding their own new homes, coming out of homelessness, becoming financially independent, and gaining the confidence to say that they were no longer a victim, but a true survivor. This aspect of my role at Becky’s Fund truly warmed my heart. But I believe that the most important way that this organization makes an impact is through the educational programs that help to shake our society’s old standards and attitudes.

By working with the Men of Code program, in particular, I was able to see success and progress from two important perspectives. Seeing the Men of Code students in their art workshop, opening up to their peers and mentors about their deepest feelings and expressing themselves through creating art was inspiring. Working with Becky’s Fund has changed the way those boys think about themselves, their peers, relationships, and respecting women. Additionally, the Men of Code Mentorship Program showed me that there are men of all backgrounds, ages, and interests who are willing to spend time investing in the lives of these young men. When I saw these two groups come together, it made me hopeful that people do care and are ready and willing to make a difference.

I believe that Becky’s Fund has touched the lives of many people, from the participants in the educational programs, to the attendees of fundraisers and events that promote awareness, the staff and volunteers, and the survivors themselves. The most important thing I learned here is that the more people we can get involved through talking and thinking about this issue, the greater our chances are of achieving the goal of seeing a world free from domestic violence. I am so fortunate to have had this eye opening experience and will continue to be an advocate for this issue in my daily life.

The safety and well-being of our clients and staff is our first priority.

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