Becky’s Fund Welcomes Natasha

June 6, 2016


My name is Natasha Rahim, and I will be interning at Becky’s Fund this summer.

I am a rising third year at Boston University with a major in International Relations, minor in French and an intention of pursuing a career in law. I am currently a member of the Boston Model UN convention, Women’s Law Association, and Common Sense Action. I also volunteer weekly at the Susan Bailis assisted living rehabilitation for the elderly.

My interest for helping end domestic violence started when I attended a seminar in high school where an alumni spoke about her issues as a victim of violence and how she overcame this to soon become an advocate and lawyer for domestic violence victims. This inspired me to pursue a career in law to help people who do not have the resources to help themselves. The speaker also inspired me to start an organization at my school called Mentoring Alumni Partnering with Students (M.A.P.S.) where students attend seminars to learn more about how people in various industries became successful in their career.

For many years, I have always had a passion to help put an end to domestic violence but did not have the right direction or resources to do so. I came across Becky’s Fund and learned about how this organization helps people understand that there is a way to escape from violence and that it is possible for victims to overcome these obstacles. I intend to work closely with victims and help them achieve support legally, mentally, physically, and emotionally. I especially hope to work closely on the Becoming Your Own Heroin program to work with teenagers and younger girls on how to speak up and prevent violence at their age both physically and emotionally. I am very excited for what I will gain this summer and am excited to work with this organization in helping put an end to domestic violence.