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Becky’s Fund Welcomes Our Summer Interns

Hello, my name is Natalie Visser. I am a senior at Central Michigan University with a major in Family Studies and double minor in Substance Abuse Education and Psychology. Through my four years at Central, I have developed a strong passion for intersectional feminism and the advocacy of domestic violence survivors and children of trauma.

As a white woman, I have learned to use my dedication to feminism to advocate for women of color, disabilities, mental illness, and women of all diverse backgrounds. In doing so, I hope to pursue a career in Family Law to be a voice for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault as well as supporting and standing for children of trauma. As a dream, I hope to become a judge in Family Court and wish to free survivors and their families of domestic abuse and trauma.

At Becky’s Fund, with programs like Becoming Your Own Heroine, I hope to be a mentor for young girls to show them that through adversity, they, too, can become the women they wish to be. I am also eager to teach young men about toxic masculinity through the Men of Code program to end the stigma and help them flourish.

I’m excited to learn more about myself through this experience at Becky’s Fund, and cannot wait to see how this internship will shape my future.

Hello! My name is Rachel Coppe. I was raised in New York and moved to Northern Virginia while in high school. I’m a junior at George Mason University majoring in Psychology. My time in college has given me a greater understanding and passion for activism and advocacy regarding domestic violence and feminist issues.

As someone who has witnessed the effects of domestic violence, I am dedicated to finding solutions and helping survivors. I am also a supporter of feminist issues and joined a Women’s Empowerment group at college to help raise awareness around issues such as domestic violence, mental health, sexual assault and workplace inequality. I hope to pursue a career advocating for domestic violence survivors using my education in Psychology and an eventual degree in law.

I am excited to be working at Becky’s Fund because of the dedication to helping survivors as well as the recognition given to the intersections of domestic violence with mental health and sexual assault. I also admire the programs Becky’s Fund runs to educate youth that address the topics of domestic violence, toxic masculinity, and female empowerment.  

I am looking forward to being a part of the important work Becky’s Fund does and am grateful for the opportunity to learn more and help bring about change.

Hello! My name is Alyssa Blythe. I am originally from central Florida but moved to D.C. about two years ago to attend American University. I am a rising junior with a double major in Public Health and Anthropology. Growing up in an area that supports traditional households, I started to care about feminist issues and the inequalities that I saw from a young age.

When I started attending American and taking Public Health classes, I began to understand that topics such as Intimate Partner Violence were not only a women’s issue but also a public health issue and should be recognized as such.

I am excited to help advocate against and draw attention to domestic abuse issues, especially in young relationships. While working at Becky’s Fund I hope to gain a better understanding of what it is like to work at and fundraise for a non-profit organization. Particularly, Becky’s funds annual Walk This Way fundraiser is especially interesting to me because of the attention it draws to domestic abuse as well as the pledge it asks male athletes to make against domestic abuse.

I cannot wait to learn more about the outreach programs Becky’s Fund has and how I can help end Intimate Partner Violence in my own community.

Hello! My name is Maddy McClendon. I grew up in Kailua, Hawaii and I am a senior at the University of Colorado, majoring in International Affairs. The International Affairs program involves an intersectional approach to addressing many issues, including women and gender studies.

I am a strong advocate for women’s rights and feminism, and carry this passion through my studies and my everyday life. I am passionate about helping people and wish to pursue a career in human rights and international development. I believe that freedom from domestic violence is a human right, and I am excited to help Becky’s Fund in their mission to prevent and end the cycle of domestic violence.

At Becky’s Fund I am looking forward to making a difference in the lives of the many people who suffer from domestic violence, as well as being a positive influence in prevention through programs like Men of Code. I have experience in children’s outdoor education programs, so I am also looking forward to assisting with and learning from the Becoming Your Own Heroine school program to empower young women. In my time here, I am excited to take a closer look at the inner workings of a non-profit that does such important and serious work, while gaining experience and knowledge in domestic violence prevention and support, for a future in women’s rights and advocacy.

I am so excited to be here, and cannot wait to contribute my skills, knowledge, and experience in any way possible to the amazing work done by Becky’s Fund.

Hello! My name is Rebecca Reynolds. This is my first time in the D.C. area and I’m thrilled to say I will be spending this time interning at Becky’s Fund. I’m coming from the Boulder area where I not only live and I go to school at the University of Colorado at Boulder. After this summer,I will be entering my junior year as a International Affairs Major with a Political Science and Spanish Minor. At the University of Boulder I take part in many activities outside of my school work, such as being a part of the CU Women’s Rugby team, being in a sorority and working.

I have always made a point to surround myself with other supportive women who have the same goals as I do, and those goals include standing up for others who lack representation while I continue to do my part to create a more equal society. At Becky’s Fund, the work we do to confront and end Domestic Violence accomplishes these goals and even further creates a safer society for women and men. I have often felt undermined based on my sex and I know that other minorities have experienced the same feeling. Becky’s Fund fights to help women, men and all minorities never feel this degradation and instead feel empowered and safe through their programs Men of Code, Becoming your own Heroine, and the National Domestic Violence college tour.

I am excited to work as a part of this team to make all these programs a success in creating a safe and representative society for all. I know that giving the community these resources will help to empower them further, and I am excited to be a part of this impact. I have so much to gain from this organization this summer and I am just grateful to be here!