Becky’s Fund Welcomes Elizabeth

June 5, 2015


Hello, my name is Elizabeth Kennedy. I am a fourth year student at American University studying health promotion and history. Originally, I focused in sports health, community health, and nutrition. As athlete I thought those were suppose to be my interests; however, after three years at American University and living in D.C. I began to develop and realize what my real passions were: women’s health and women’s rights. Washington, D.C. has been a great platform to get involved with women’s health and women’s rights through activism, volunteering, and internships such as Becky’s Fund.

I am interested in working at Becky’s Fund this summer because of the important work this organization does. I am a feminist, a college student, and a citizen of this society, which makes me very aware of the issue of domestic violence. I was introduced to the organization and Becky through my Issues in Women’s Health class at American University. I was very impressed with the presentation taught to my class by the interns who were my age. This showed me that interning for Becky’s Fund pushes you to learn academically and professionally. I have little experience with domestic violence issues; however, this internship is an overlap of teaching, fundraising, event planning, etc. that I am very excited to start. It is the perfect opportunity for me to learn more about the issue because domestic abuse violates women’s health and women’s rights. Also, I am excited to be involved with the programs and events of Becky’s Fund like the College Tour that came and visited my university. I hope to gain a better understanding what change and progress looks like when discussing and acting on prevention against domestic violence.

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