Becky’s Fund soon to launch Peace at Home program to help military families suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

August 14, 2012

PTSD is a topic that affects many, but is openly discussed by few. Soldiers who seek treatment for PTSD face many obstacles, from month long waiting lists to
losing their jobs or status. These obstacles prevent many from seeking the help
that they desperately need, which can lead to greater instances of suicide and
domestic violence. About 1 in 8 veterans will return home with PTSD, and these
men are four times more likely to abuse their spouses than those without PTSD.
These devastating statistics show that it’s time to break the silence.

Becky’s fund is working to create a program called Peace at Home. This program
will work to create a service that will both help the soldiers with PTSD and
support their families. This program will include therapy, an online community,
and other resources to support those affected by PTSD and help to break the
silence surrounding the issue.

Potential Partners:–this group looks to provide online
resources to soldiers with ptsd, might be helpful for the online community portion
of the program–they work to provide interim counseling
while soldiers wait for VA resources

battlingbare—a support system for wives of vets with PTSD